Team Redgoat High Performance Training

Owner: Mike Vandenberghe


Services Offered:


Athletic Personal Coaching


1 on 1 coaching for athletes- You get the best results from 1 on 1 coaching. Its an investment in yourself. Work with one of the best personal athletic coaches in the business today and enjoy the success that others already have since training with Team Redgoat.


Small Group Training


2-4 athletes-Cut down costs, train with like minded athletes that will help puch you to your best.


Elite Hockey Off Season Training Program


Train to be your very best! Team Redgoat’s hockey program will prepare you better than any program out there, get an intense 18-20 week program that will get stronger, faster and more powerful while working on your skill level and teaching what it takes to succeed in the worlds greatest sport. You will work with former professional hockey coaches and players that have designed one of the best hockey development programs in the world. Our staff has worked with professional, college, junior players for the last 15 years and recently we have added midget and bantam age players to the program. This program is not for everyone only the player’s that want to have success need to apply.


Here is what you will get in our 18-20 week program:


Strength & Conditioning


Phase 1- Strength (6 weeks)
Phase 2 – Explosive Power (6 weeks)
Phase 3- Conditioning (6-8 weeks)
Testing & Testing Prep


Each phase we test 1 to 2 times to determine your progress and what we may need to change going forward. We will also help you get ready for main camp testing at your respective camps. At the end of the program we give you a break down of your progress and keep a file on each player as to the progress through out the program, you are given a copy of that report to keep and build off through out the year.


Skill Development


On ice technique, pucks skills, shooting and conditioning. Off ice footwork, shooting and puck skills.


Mobility & Flexibility Program


Prior to each session players are required to do a mobility and flexibility program to help in injury prevention for the off season and to use during the season.


Body Alignment Consultation


We require all our high end athletes do a body alignment consultation. This helps us strengthen your body to you full potential. Corrections are added to your pre workout program so that you are correcting alignment issues through out the year. We have found this to be the biggest asset for hockey players as through repetitive motion your alignment will be out. Not only does this help with nagging injuries it can help prevent countless other ones. If we strengthen you to your weakest point you do not reach your full strength potential. This is done with an outside source but is mandatory to do in this program.


We take limited players this year in this program. Players will workout with a partner, 2 players one trainer for all strengthening sessions. Some out door conditioning will be done in a group setting and all ice sessions are done in the full group. This program fills up quickly so get registered as soon as possible. We work the schedule out around the 2 players and it typically changes in the summer months. We do take into account that players may have vacations, camps, skating etc… and work that into they schedule as well. All work out sessions are 90 minutes to 120 minutes.


Eating is different for an athlete, gaining muscle, losing body fat, these are not easy things to figure out. Leave it to the professionals who have help numerous athletes to get gains and improve body fat percentages. We get results, isn't that what you want?


Nutrition for Athletes:


Knowing what an athlete needs to eat to gain muscle or lose body fat is as important as your workouts. We help you with both. We have packages taht are included in our training packages or you can do it totally seperate, its waht really fits your needs.


Level 1 - This is a basic plan to help aide with fat loss and get you back on track to a healthier you! This plan includes 1 sample day (what your perfect day looks like). We will do weight, measurements and body fat to assess the daily caloric requirements needed along with your macro nutrient numbers. This plan only includes your macro nutrient numbers and 2 weeks of text/email/phone support. Cost - $150.00


Level 2 -This plan involves all of level 1 and extends the coaching support to 3 months. Revisions to the plan are done as needed to help you achieve the best results possible. Accountability check - Done monthly…you will hand in a food journal for the first week of each month and we will discuss successes/roadblocks for that week. The first week of each month you will submit pictures (front/side/back) Cost - $150.00 initial payment/$50 beginning of month two/$50 beginning of month 3


Level 3- This plan involves all of level 1 and 2 and extends the coaching indefinitely (or until you feel comfortable going out on your own). This plan also involves a grocery store tour and breaks deeper into educating you on proper nutrition so that you can see continued success. Weigh ins and measurements are done monthly and body fat is done as needed to make sure you are on track. Cost - $250.00 initial payment …then $65 per month. Competition Plan More than just a meal plan this plan encompasses all of the above plus everything you need to be stage ready. Your meal plan will change based on constant monitoring and will need weekly communication to determine what’s working and what needs to be tweaked. This plan includes your peak and post week nutrition. Pics, weight, measurements, and body fat will be done as needed throughout the program. With all of the plans you need to create an account with fitness pal so that tracking can be done as needed. Cost - $250.00 initial payment…then $85 per month.


 What you get with us:


• High quality training• Personal programming *Private training area • Open gym time • Nutritional help and advice • Monthly body fat measurements • Monthly client summary • Strength & Conditioning testing • On ice/off ice skills sessions.




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