Competitive Will- Performance Consulting

Competitive Will Performance Consulting, established in 2010, provides consulting services in high performance psychology, leadership, organizational objectives, coach and athlete development.


Competitive Will's service approach involves organizational seminars, organizational workshops, critical analysis and key performance indicators to evolve individuals in the competitive atmosphere. Competitive Will looks to establish expectations, standards and ultimately performance for their clients. Through evaluation it is Competitive Will's goal to develop best practices for the participants and develop strategic logic models to enhance opportunities of being world class and their commitment to excellence.


Competitive Will methodology includes bridging the gap from theory to reality. In doing so, we use conceptual frameworks of performance excellence and apply them to the everyday objectives of the organization trying to enhance performance. The key feature of Competitive Will’s high performance development services and capabilities is our comprehensive, unique approach that integrates performance psychology as the pillar to individual and team development. The most successful training and development sessions are those that individuals can relate to. Drawing on examples from sport, leadership, and Fortune 500 business cultures, Competitive Will’s sessions resonates with people. Competitive Will training and facilitation sessions are said to be relatable, influential, and life-changing. Engaging Competitive Will for team or individual development presents the opportunity to implement current best practices in team and individual development to be world class.


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