Programs & Services

Team Redgoat High Performance Training

Owner: Mike Vandenberghe Services Offered: Athletic Personal Coaching 1 on 1 coaching for athletes- You get the best results from 1 on 1 coaching. Its an investment in yourself. Work with one of the best personal athletic coaches in the business today and enjoy the success that others...
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On Line Personal Coaching

Online Personal Coaching Work with Team Redgoat Remotely!  Heres what you get from us to help you succeed. • Personal programing • Nutrition help and coaching • Monthly 1 on 1 sessions • Access to private gym for all workouts • Weekly skype checkins and...
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Team Redgoat KBK

Join one of best competitive Kettle Bell Clubs in Canada. The sport of kettle bells (GS) is one of the fastest growing sports world wide. Compete against national, international level competitors. Become part of a group of people who want to help you be your best!! Become a Registered...
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Rhaea Stinn RMT

After a tough day or tough workouts, book online to get the massage you deserve. 

National Development Camps (NDC)

National Development Camps (NDC) These camps feature athletes from around North America participating in a development of the sport that they have chosen. The camps bring in coaches from around the world giving input, their experience and coaching knowledge to help athletes go from...
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Competitive Will- Performance Consulting

Kyle McDonald- Owner Services Offered: Competitive Will Performance Consulting, established in 2010, provides consulting services in high performance psychology, leadership, organizational objectives, coach and athlete development. Competitive Will service approach...
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UnParalleled Performance Training

Moose Jaw place to train with todays best powerlifters. Ryan Stinn leads these world class lifters to become the best they can be. learn and workout with some of the best lifters in SK and Canada right here at Team Redgoat Training Centre. Joining us in December 2016, we are pleased they...
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Ignite Athletic Conditioning

We welcome Ignite Athletic Conditioning to our family at Team Redgoat Training Centre.