Team Redgoat KBKCompetitive Kettlebell Sport Team

Team Redgoat KBK is a competitive Kettlebell Sport Team that is taking the sport by storm. Starting year 3 of operations, KBK has already been host to the 2017 CKA  Canandian Nationals, Flatlanders Open and boost several ranked atheletes and 3 team members that have competed for Canada at the IUKL world championships.
Kettlebell sport is a very popular Euorpean sport and boosts many professional lifters from many countries, in North America the sport is growing quickly, throughout the United States many competitives teams are active, While in Canada it is just catching on and growing at a steady pace.
KBK has 12 team members in good standing with the team and is always looking for more people who like to lift, laugh and be part of a family that competes and trains hard!
Team members do not have to be competitors to join our training, they do not have to do competitions they just have to want to be part of something bigger then working out by themselves.
We feel its nice to train for something and with a purpose if you do also, then talk to a coach and join your new teammates as soon as possible. For 2017/2018 we will be taking part in events in Victoria, Ottawa, Naniamo, California, Edmonton to name a few. 
Think Kettlebell Sport is a good challenge for you, you would be right, but come and try it anyways!! This sport is open to ages 12 to 70, male and female. 
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306 690 4628