Monthly Memberships

Being one of Western Canada's fastest growing private training centre's we are always looking to improve.

In November of 2016 we tested out a new option for our members and with over whelming success we have made it part of our service to you. Our monthly membership gives members access to do training at Team Redgoat for $50.00 a month. You have access to our workout of the day in H.E.A.T Strength & Conditioning workouts. As well we still have class times throughout the day that allows you to workout under a coaches eye as well as being pushed by others in the class. You can learm from the best powerlifters in Canada, hire a personal trainer or just do your own thing.

We do limit our memberships each month as well as access to the training centre to ensure you as a member, you have the ability to train without distraction. Each new member must do an initial interview with TRTC management before joining the training centre. If you feel like you would like to be a Team Redgoat Member please contact us for more information.