Membership Info


MONTHLY MEMBERSHIPS: Our monthly membership gives members access to train at Team Redgoat for $75.00 a month. This gives you unlimited access to our H.E.A.T Strength & Conditioning classes. H.E.A.T Strength & Conditioning classes are run at different times throughout the day and allows you to workout under a coaches eye, while being pushed by others in the class. However, if classes aren't your thing, a monthly membership also gives you access to the training facility and all equipment to do your own workout at your own time. TRTC issues a limited number of monthly memberships to ensure that we are able to provide a positive experience for our members. 

NEW MEMBERS: Each new member must do an initial interview with TRTC management before joining the training centre. There is also a $50 registration charge when you sign up as a new member. If you feel like you would like to be a Team Redgoat Member please contact us for more information.  

MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION/HOLD POLICY: We understand that our clients sometimes need to cancel or put a hold on their membership. If you cancel your membership and decide to return to TRTC later on, you will be considered a new member. This means your first month will be $125 ($75 monthly charge + $50 registration charge). Members now have the option to put a 1-month hold on their membership. To put a hold on your membership you must let our office know 2 weeks prior to the desired hold period.

DROP IN FEE: $20 per drop in (Payable to any TRTC staff member)


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