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Find like minded friends and do great things, t only takes one pulling the wrong direction to throw you off course. #redgoatfamily
@kbmandi finishing up training today for her 3 rd international event this week. Mandi will be competing at the Scottish KB championships next weekend. Have a safe trip and we will be pulling for you! @teamredgoatkbk2017 @nationaldc #teachhertobefearless
Morning group of athletes training hard! Forged 365. #nofinishline.  @liamfitzpatrick8 @atleycalvert17 @ethan_peters6 @kirkmullen @kaelnichols @kayde_shymko @caelan_fitz @mac_braxton @rowan.calvert
Nice to see the workhorse back in the gym. @rhettgardner22 putting in the work for his senior year at UND. #dallasstarsfutureworkhorse #redgoatstrong #redgoatfamily
Family meeting today! Cousin Buck was so sweet to me! #redgoatfamily #redgoatstrong
King of the gym! #bestthingtohappentothegymever
Moving day, who is the genius that thought of this??? Guess as  win a free glass of water! #redgoatfamily #redgoatstrong
So this is what it looks like when you stretch. @travis3hrhardt @kbmandi @nationaldc what a weird view.#redgoatfamily #redgoatstrong
@adidassearch2018 Team Redgoat would be a great place to show case your new collection!!! #redgoatfamily #redgoatstrong #athleteeducation
Forged athletic programs open for registration for August, have questions??? We have answers! #welcometothefamily #personaltrainer #redgoatfamily #athleteeducation
I made it half way down the track!! Cat crawl 2018!!#personaltrainer #redgoatfamily #redgoatstrong
So proud to have done a 12 week program with this lady! Laurie you took your fitness back, you ran with our little start and have done unreal, so proud to have coached you and look forward to what you keep doing in our HEAT program. Ladies, you to can bec