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Yea it do! And we see some strong ass women everyday in here, so awesome, so badass and so strong as hell!
Contest time visit our Facebook page for details!  Family rates are available!
Airport shuttle service now available. Booking for Oct 20th to Nov 30th right now!
We are helping development of kB sport in Canada by hosting a seminar for anyone interested in learning more about kB as a sport. Please contact us to take part in this free seminar. #bettertogether #ndc #thebestlifterslearnfromlifters #thebestliftwithus
New ways to enjoy Team Redgoat, online personal training, and our newest online program.... Redgoat on the Go! This will be the best $20 you can spend in a month!
Team Redgoat
Team Redgoat
Really says it all.
Coach Mandi working out her 50+ athletes this morning. We have a group, trainer and programs for ages 8 to 80+. Contact us and we will get you started! @kbmandi
Team Redgoat
Team Redgoat KBK tuning up for Westshore Open in 4 weeks. @westshorewarehouse @corissasivs @nationaldc
Ball players it’s time to get better!