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So proud to have done a 12 week program with this lady! Laurie you took your fitness back, you ran with our little start and have done unreal, so proud to have coached you and look forward to what you keep doing in our HEAT program. Ladies, you to can bec
Sport General S&C back for August. Get that last push to the fall sports season!
Forged program for the upcoming volleyball season, register now!
Our preseason basket ball training registration now open!!
Take advantage of us before it’s to late! #redgoatfamily #redgoatstrong #personaltrainer #athleteeducation #learnfromthepros
We had a great day of lifting @crazymonkeyusa. So good seeing our kb friends again @westshorewarehouse  @coach.solly @returntoformkinesiology and teams. Nice meeting new kb friends @seattlekettlebellclub @cmdcoachsaiko. Thank you for the great event we wi
Team Redgoat KBK ready to lift today. #redgoatstrong #redgoatfamily #personaltrainer @nationaldc @kbmandi @georginagadd
Wanna train to preform better at your sport? Limited time promo. #education #redgoatfamily #redgoatstrong #personaltrainer #learntotraintraintowin
Blake and Magic chilling while mom workouts out!!! #redgoatfamily #gymcat #personaltrainer #gym#fitness #kids#kidsfitness
Hey it’s hot!!! So for the next few days until like next weds, I will open the gym at 4 am and close at 10 pm if you need to avoid the heat during the day! #redgoatfamily
New staff member came in today, met magic, the gym security cat, look out little creatures I don’t want around! Magic is on patrol. #redgoatfamily #redgoatstrong
T-nation made us steak lunch today at the office. Best staff ever! #redgoatfamily